A Birthday Gift For The Ages

When I was a kid, I was always disappointed that some relatives wouldn’t give me money as a gift in lieu of itchy sweaters and pants that would fit my sister (who is half my size).

As it turns out, however, I am now one of those people also. One who doesn’t like to give money as a gift (although I would give money before a gift card, those things are evil ingenious).

So after a request for money from a family member who is purchasing an expensive gadget, I wanted to do something different.

Alas, behold my creation!

First, thanks to Alex for posting a very detailed set of instructions for making this ‘Dollar Bill Origami Heart’.

Considering that this was only the second origami figure I’ve ever made, I think it looks nice. The interesting part comes for the recipient. They receive a nice object that (I presume) they won’t want to destroy, while at the same time receiving what they asked for. I will note, however, I didn’t do this for mischievous reasons; I just wanted to dress up the gift. Click here for instructions on how to make you own.

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